About Undercover Imports

Mission Statement: Your style, your performance, our speciality!

Vision: We are a company that listens to and helps to build your dreams for results, satisfaction and to give you the opportunity to move forward by sourcing only the best and genuine products from the most renowned Japanese manufacturers.

Undercover Imports is an online Japanese car (JDM) accessories, parts, styling and lifestyle store with a focus on the hard to find and unique products straight from Japan to enable you to encompass the full JDM lifestyle.

We can also offer additional services such as automotive and motorsport businesses a full consultancy service, event management and/or assistance as well as offering marketing support for one-off or long term projects. For any of these services or further information then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

About The Owner

"I always thought it’s nice to know a little background information on a company that you choose to deal with and the person behind the name so here’s a little about me and my experience. My biggest passion in life is cars and motorsport but more importantly I live and breathe all things JDM. I grew up around the import scene in New-Zealand and this is where my passion began and has all but grown over the years.

I have previously worked for Honda and other automotive/motorsport companies both in New-Zealand and in the United Kingdom as well as possessing a degree in Motorsport Management so you can be confident that I have the experience and knowledge of providing you with some of the most trusted, genuine and unique JDM products and services available. I started the company due to not receiving very good customer service or any help in obtaining certain parts and products that I wanted for my own JDM car.

Essentially the main aim of Undercover Imports is you, the customer! I want to provide the means of living the whole JDM lifestyle by providing not only the car accessories, performance parts and lifestyle products but also offer products that are true JDM, something a little bit different and unique so you can go anywhere whether a car show or meet and know that these products will be a focal part of any of your conversations with other JDM enthusiasts.

I also provide a freelance consultancy service for the automotive and motorsport industries specialising in events, marketing, business systems, communication and promotions as this is where I can put my qualifications to good use and keep contacts within the industry, essential for the growth of Undercover Imports.

The plan is to grow Undercover Imports organically and not lose sight and focus of what I stand for or what my customers expect so please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or suggestions you may have. We can source any parts or products from our network of dealers worldwide so please, if it isn’t in stock don’t think that we can’t source it!

Thank-you again for your custom and I hope that I can continue to supply you for your future JDM items.