Very popular Air Spencer air freshener can by Eikosha of Japan.

Product details:

This listing is for the Green Breeze (A15 059015) scent. 

Scent as described by Air Spencer: Refreshing citrus and green scent - AKA Forest Bath

The package contains one can of fragrance. Please note that Air Spencer is currently going through a redesign of their packaging, you will receive either the old or new design whilst the transition is taking place but please the same high standards as all Air Spencer products are synonymous with. 

They can be placed into one of Air Spencer's non-slip mats (sold under a separate listing), one of Air Spencer's cantules which clip into the car's air vent system or placed on to a flat level surface in a safe place. 

We have many other air fresheners in this range listed separately.

How to use:

1. Remove the can from the packaging

2. Open the top cover of the box and place it on the plastic cover

3. Place anywhere in the car but not anywhere near airbags if applicable (non-slip mats available, sold separately)

The box has two lids and a plastic cover, which can reduce evaporation, you adjust the lid and in turn the strength of the scent yourself. When you want to enhance the scent, the second lid can be opened and the scent enjoyed for subsequent weeks.

The fragrance usually lasts for up to one month depending on the intensity used.

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Eikosha Air Spencer JDM Japanese Can Style Car Air Freshener in Green Breeze Scent

  • Brand: Eikosha
  • Product Code: A15 059015
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £13.50

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