Tsurikawa are used within the JDM community to hang off tow hooks from your car, grab handles within the interior or wherever you want true JDM style.

Back in the eighties, when Tsurikawa were a "must have" accessory for every self-respecting Bosozoku, different fashionable versions of the genuine train handles started to pop-up. 

The style was originally crafted within Bosozoku counter-culture where originally the train handles were stolen from Japanese trains and hung on the tow hooks/grab handles to celebrate their reckless behaviour.

Product Details

Brand: DTouch


This tsurikawa is made from quality materials including stainless steel fastener and nylon-reinforced plastic strap and is super strong. Nevertheless, if you plan to drag them on the ground, please keep in mind that they sometimes break when they take a bad hit.

You will need a screwdriver (Phillips type) to open and close the fastener.


Colour: Pink sakura flower shape and pink fastener with grey nylon strap

Total length: 26.5cm / 10.5” approx

Strap length: 15cm /  6" approx

Strap width: 2.5cm / 1" approx

Ring material: ABS Plastic

Strap material: ABS Plastic Fastener / Nylon

Fastener material: ABS Plastic with stainless steel screws

Closing system: Vis type. Screwdriver (Phillips type)

We have many other brands, colours and shapes of tsurikawa available within our store so please take a look at our other listings as well. 

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JDM Pink Sakura Tsurikawa - Hang Ring

  • Brand: DTouch
  • Product Code: BG-910
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £19.99

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