Very collectable Disney Winnie the Pooh tsurikawa! Character tsurikawa are becoming harder and harder to source and are very sought after in the JDM community. 

Product Details:

Condition - Brand New with tag. Please note however that due to the age and transportation of the item it is of a delicate nature. There does look to be however a slight blemish from manufacture which is a small black spot on the bumble bee's wing, we have not tried to clean this off as we do not want to damage the item, it doesn't impact the overall look of the item.

Colour: Red strap, Orange circle, bee attachment to strap which moves up and down and silver metal buckle to fasten strap.

Overall length: 29cm approximately

Width of Ring at Widest Point (ear-ear): 11.5cm approximately

Weight: 750 grams approximately

The Tsurikawa, or otherwise known as a train/subway handle, are used within the JDM community to hang off tow hooks from your car, interior grab handles or wherever you want that true JDM style!

The style was originally crafted within the Bosozoku counter-culture where originally the train handles were stolen from Japanese trains and hung from their tow hooks/grab handles to celebrate their reckless behaviour. The Tsurikawa handle is a must for any JDM enthusiast that likes to live the lifestyle and show off true JDM style with unique, rare and exciting accessories that are rarely going to be seen anywhere else.

Specific product details:

**Please note these straps are for decoration purposes only and not for safety purposes. Also, the ring if dragged along the ground (hung from tow hooks whilst driving etc) will become damaged and worn. These collectable items are safer to hang from interior grab handles but however, it is your choice as to what you do with it**

You can be assured that you are buying your products off a true JDM enthusiast company that supplies some of the most wanted and sought after products that are on the market without the heavy shipping prices that may otherwise exist or import charges that may be incurred otherwise.

If there is something specific that you are after please do not hesitate to contact us and we can contact our network of suppliers worldwide to see if we can source what you after for you or please take a look at all our other exciting JDM products, accessories and parts that are available to buy within our store.

Thank you for looking and we look forward to supplying you with all your JDM needs!

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Disney Winnie The Pooh Tsurikawa - Train Handle

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