A true JDM automotive lifestyle accessory for anyone wanting to add that true JDM look and feel to their vehicles. 

Handmade in Japan hanging scent bag, omamori/lucky amulet using the finest Japanese Kimono belt fabric.

*Please note that each scent bag will have different placement of the design due to the fabric design, this means that each scent bag is unique and individual to you!*

Use the scent bag long after the scent wears away. Either spritz your own favourite fragrance back onto the scent card insert or use it to hold items that you would consider lucky. 

Product Details

These scent bags are designed as you would normally find an omamori charm and/or lucky amulet and they have a little card/paper inside with a limited edition scent so you get a subtle and gentle scent throughout your vehile or whereever you choose to place it. 

The fabric is also limited edition, this kind of fabric is commonly used to make Obi (Kimono) belts.

This fabric is especially famous in the Dekotora culture (Japan's truck decoration culture) and is sourced from our trusted supplier, Truck stop Turn in Japan, whom have a long-standing reputation for car and truck accessories made from kinkazan and other authentic Japanese fabrics.


Floral pattern: Baby pink/white/light green/gold with gold threads running through the design. The scent bag is hung by a small knotted rope. 

Approximate Sizing

Width: Approx 2" (5.08 cm)

Length: Approx 3" (7.62 cm)

You can adjust how long the bag hangs down, the white rope is approx 6" long (15.24 cm)

We have a limited number of these scent bags available due to the limited edition run of the fabric used. 

This really is a must for any JDM lifestyle enthusiast that likes to live the lifestyle and show off true JDM style with unique, rare and exciting accessories that are rarely going to be seen anywhere else.

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JDM Hanging Scent Bag - Omamori/Lucky Amulet Style

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