A must-have accessory for anyone wanting to add that true JDM look and feel to their vehicles. 

Handcrafted to the higest quality in Japan so each mini tsurikawa will have its own individual unique style and pattern. 

Product Details

Mini tsurikawa/hang ring that you can hang from a car's grab handles, seats or anywhere you can find where they would look good to hang, opportunities are limitless.

Unlike other tsurikawa we wouldn't suggest the tow hook due to the delicate nature of the design and materials used, they wouldn't last well when exposed to the elements. 

The mini tsurikawa are hand crafted using Kinkazan Botan Black (Peony) fabric which is attached to a wooden ring with durable poppers making it easy to put in place and remove quickly. 

Kinkazan is a chiffon fabric woven from silk and satin with polyester fibers. The fabric has a natural shine and softness, is very light, has a lot of fluff/plush spots on the fabric and is often engraved with different patterns.

This fabric is especially famous in the Dekotora culture (Japan's truck decoration culture) and are sourced from our trusted supplier, Truck stop Turn in Japan, whom have a long-standing reputation for truck accessories made from kinkazan fabric.


Black and White Type Kinkazan Botan (Peony) Style Fabric (mix of black/white/black/gold)

Silver Poppers

Wooden Ring

Approximate Sizing

Outer Diameter: 10cm 

Inner Diameter: 7.5cm

Belt Length: 30cm (full) 13cm (hanging length)

We have a limited number of tsurikawa due to how they are made in the factory in Japan as they are normally produced in batches as per customer requests.

Different colours are available and can also be requested, there is a vast catalogue of fabric and colours to choose from so please ask if you want to discuss through options and we can try and source for you. 

This really is a must for any JDM lifestyle enthusiast that likes to live the lifestyle and show off true JDM style with unique, rare and exciting accessories that are rarely going to be seen anywhere else.

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Mini Kinkazan Fabric Wooden Tsurikawa - Botan (Black Peony)

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